About me


I was born in Madrid (Spain), where I grew up and graduated in History of Art at the University Complutense of Madrid in the year 2013. I have been drawing and painting ever since I can remember, I am a photographer with a degree by EFTI; And a project of an art curator.

I have  lived one year in Bergen (Norway) and two years in Lugano (Switzerland), where I have been working as an art specialist, creative designer and photographer for museums and private clients.

The different studies that I carried out have ended up in one same thing: tools to design and create my small pieces of art. I am a photographer, illustrator and co-founder of Coloratura. I design prints for textiles that you can find in the store of Color Amapola.

I collaborate in projects with other artists and I do art and photography workshops and events.

Now I’m back in Madrid and ready to start so many new projects.

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